Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frugal Valentine Idea

I wanted to share with everyone my frugal Valentine idea for Valentines day. Living on one income with two small children you don't always have the money to spend on nice gifts. So my husband and I decided just to buy cards this year. I am also planning a surprise dinner for two at home and it will only cost about $15.00 if not less. This is what I am planning for our Valentine's dinner at home...Stuffed chicken breast (which I have in the freezer) I only have to buy cream of mushroom soup to add some flavoring, Mashed potatoes (I do have to buy the potatoes), Biscuits (which I already have), Corn (which I already have) Sparkling Grape Juice (I had to purchase that this week) Potato Salad (I have to purchase this since my husband does not like homemade potato salad). I am going to take our kitchen table down to two people, I have a very nice cloth table cloth and napkins. I also have two fancy napkin holders, I am also going to pull out my nice dishes, plus using are champagne glasses from our wedding (4 1/2 years ago:)) Then I am going to make a wonderful chocolate desert. Then I bought the cheap $1.00 valentine cards (32 in a box) I am going to hide those then I will give him clues to go find them. At every 8 cards I will have a little piece of candy with it. Then for the finally I am going to rent him a movie he has been wanting to watch (of course from Redbox which only cost $1.00) I hope my husband will enjoy his Valentines surprise. I will post pictures of everything this weekend or week.

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