Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walgreens Deals - 1/4/09-1/1/10/09

I promised my husband I would take a couple months of shopping off, because I had such a stock pile and a freezer full of food. Well I still have all of that, but I just can't stop bargain shopping. I had to start back up this month, and let me tell you there are such great deals out there this week you just don't want to pass up! Walgreen's has a super deal and a lot of coupons in their advertisement this week. I did six transactions at Walgreen's this week. If you want to see all the Walgreen's deals go to moneysavingmom. I just bought the stuff that was out of pocket free right now.

Trip 1:
4 cans Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup on sale for $5.00

2 packages of Stayfree pads on sale for $6.99 each

Gardiner Frutis Shampoo on sale for $2.99

Electrasol tabs on sale for $3.59

All of these items were a total of $27. and some change by the time my coupons were taken off I only paid $6. and some change.

I had a buy one get one free Stayfree coupon, then in the Walgreen's add there was a $3.00 off for one pack, well since I bought two packs Walgreen's took $6.00 off. So for two packs of pads I paid $.99. The shampoo there was a $2.00 off coupon in the Easysaver book, then I had a $1.00 manufacturer's coupon which means it was FREE. The Progresso Soups I only had a $1.00 coupon, so I paid a total of $4.00 for 4 cans. The Electrasol tabs were on sale for $3.59 and I had a coupon for $2.50 plus you can send in to Walgreen's for $1.50 rebate. I plan on doing that at the end of the month. I had a $2.00/2 coupon for the Stayfree pads, but one of the Walgreen's would not take the coupon. But in my next transaction I went to another Walgreen's and they had no problem taking the coupons.

Trip 2: This was done in two separate transactions, but each transaction had the same items and it came to the same exact price.

2 packages Stayfree pads
2 Hershey's candy bars
1 box of candy for the kids because it was past their bedtime and they were being so good (one box of candy is missing because the kids eating it):)
1 bottle of Gariner Fructis Shampoo

Of course, I had a buy one get one free stayfree coupon, plus a Walgreen's coupon for $3.00 off a package of pads, plus a $2.00 off manufacturer's coupon, I also had a buy on get one free Hershey's coupon then I used a Walgreen's coupon buy 2 Hersey's candy bars for $1.00. Well the Hershey's candy bars ended up being $.25 a piece. Each box of candy for the kids were $1.00 (no coupon):(. The Garnier Fructis shampoos were on sale for $2.99 I had a $2.00 off Walgreen's coupon from the Walgreen's Easysaver book, and a $1.00 manufacturer's coupon which equals FREE! My total for both transactions were $1.54, and the funny thing most of this price is tax :)

I made a couple more trips to Walgreen's yesterday, but I did not take any pictures. Just the same Stayfree pads and more shampoo and conditioner. I can't pass up get pads for 2/$.99 and free shampoo! My cost yesterday was $1.54 for both transactions. Gotta love sales tax! :)

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