Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meijer Deal - FREE JELLO!!!!!!

Wow! What a trip I had tonight to Meijer:) Here is the break down below...

28 boxes of Jello priced at $.64 each- I had 14 Meijer Meal Box $1.50/2 coupons. My Meijer adjusted the coupons down to the price of two Jello's. So I ended up getting 28 Jello's FREE!!!!

8 To Go Campbells Soups on sale for a $1.00 each (Not Pictured, I picked these up for my mom). I had a coupon $.75/4 double. So for 8 of the Campbell's soup I paid $5.00.

3 boxes of Eggo waffles - Buy 3 boxes for $5.00. I had a coupon from Meijer if you buy 3 boxes you get a $1.00 off, then I had a manufacture coupon for $1.00/2, then I had a $.55/1 which doubles. So for all three boxes I paid $1.90.

2 Softsoap's on sale for $.99 each - I had two coupons for $.35/1 coupon which doubles. I paid $.29 for each one.

8 Taco Bell Salsa's priced at $1.85 each. I had a Meijer coupon for each one $1.50/1. So I ended up paying $.35 for each Salsa.

Plus since my kids were so good I bought them a bottle of flavored water for $.89 and a bag of chips for $.89.

So my total at Meijer before coupons was $47.00 after all of my coupons were taken off I paid $13.59 plus I am getting $5.00 back from my mom for her soups. So I actually paid $8.59 for all of my stuff!!!! I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING NOW!

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